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BearInMind Hiking LogBook Review

hiking journal

A Waterproof Hiking Journal


  • Waterproof stone paper – Video below
  • Relevant information with good layout
  • Shipping Cost – low


  • Cover is glued on – Video below
  • The BearInMind website needs work
  • Ships from Hong Kong – Arrived in two weeks
bearinmind index
50 Hike Index

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Basic Information

  • Ships from Hong Kong: It took just under 2-weeks to arrive at my door in Wisconsin
  • Waterproof: Thanks to the stone paper – Video below
  • Logbooks for: Hiking | Diving | Backpacking | Resturants | Road Trips
  • Easy to Use: Relevant information
  • Take notes while hike is still fresh
hiking journal page

My Opinion:

I paid full price for my hiking journal. The opinions stated here are honest and mine alone.

When first navigating the BearInMind Logbook Website I was skeptical of the company. It needs work to become user-friendly and give me a better shopping experience.

Then while I was checking out, I have a moment when I realize it is shipping from Hong Kong. Oh no, how much is this going to cost? To my surprise, the shipping to Wisconsin is only $3.

How long will it take to get here? It arrived just short of two weeks of me placing my order.

hiking page enlarged
50 Waterproof Hiking Log Pages

I am excited by the speed it was delivered and like the packaging.

To try the journal out right away, I grab a pencil and enter my last hike (Hiking Cleopatra’s Needle at Mill Bluff).

I don’t like the way the pencil transfers to other pages when I close the book. So next I try a pen. But a pen is susceptible to smearing. Lastly, I used a sharpy. It is the clear winner in my opinion (see video below).

Since opening the hiking journal, I have had it with me every time I hike. Other hikes I have utilized my logbook for are Cave of the Mounds and Willow River.

hiking journal back


I would recommend BearInMind Logbooks. The waterproof stone paper is nice and having a layout to record my hikes is useful. Taking time right away to make notes in my hiking journal helps to have accurate information later.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them below. Did you like what you read? Make sure to follow this blog or find me on another social network. I always enjoy hearing from other outdoor enthusiasts.

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