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Cleopatra’s Needle at Mill Bluff State Park

snowshoe mill bluff
Snowshoe at Mill Bluff:

Are you looking for a snowshoe trail less traveled?

Look no further than Mill Bluff Wisconsin State Park.  The Camel Bluff Trail is the perfect opportunity to forge your path.

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Camel Bluff Trail:

This trail loops around and through the Camel Bluffs and is only 1.25-miles long.  It is located further down the road than the rest of Mill Bluff often forgotten or overlooked.

Today was the second time I have been snowshoeing.  Before I got on the trail, I had a difficult time assessing if the snowshoes were going to be a help or hindrance.

snowy trail
To Snowshoe or Not to Snowshoe:

The first time I went snowshoeing was at Mirror Lake State Park.  I wanted to enjoy it because I had heard good things.  At that time the snowshoes were not worth the extra effort.

The trail was already beaten down.  Heavily trampled making the snowshoes not necessary.  A good pair of Yaktrax would have been a better option that day.

camel trail bench
Perfect snowshoe trail:

Initially, I took off hiking with just my boots.

After 25 feet into the hike, I realized this is perfect trail conditions for my snowshoes.  There were only two set off tracks in the snow before me.  The snow was about 10-inches thick.

Heading back to the car I feel foolish for not realizing snowshoes were going to be an essential part of this hike.  I was solo for the day, so I decided to make the most of it and try and asses if I enjoy snowshoeing or not.

The conclusion is yes.  Yes!  I had so much fun.  It felt almost like floating down the small hills.

Cleopatra’s Needle Bluff:

Growing up in the area I have been to Mill Bluff State Park numerous times.  Swimming, hiking Mill Bluff Summit / Nature Trail and even camping a few times.

However, only the second time I have taken this trail it is still relatively new to me.

The two hikers before me must have known to look out for a small offshoot leading to Cleopatra’s Needle if it hadn’t been for there tracks in the snow I would have missed this unique piece of sandstone – For the Second time.

If you are in the area, I highly recommend this short hiking / snowshoeing Camel Bluff Trail at Mill Bluff Wisconsin State Park. 

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When spending time outdoors always be respectful of nature, use common sense and please follow any posted rules.

Always give more than you take and leave no trace. 

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