North WI Hiking

Hiking Cascade Falls

Hiking Cascade Falls

Arival at River Inn:

Shawn and I arrive at the River Inn Hotel and check in. To my amazement, there is a map on the wall above the front desk highlighting waterfalls in the area. Less than a mile down the road is Cascade Falls hiking trail and waterfall. That is awesome; I didn’t even know it was there.

After we get settled into our room, we head next door to a restaurant called The Tippy Canoe. When we are visiting new places, I enjoy eating at local establishments, and it can’t get much better than The Tippy Canoe.

We hurry through dinner because daylight is going fast and we are both excited to see a new waterfall and take another hike.

Falls Signs

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Cascade Falls

After rushing to finish dinner, we head on over to the Cascade Falls Trail.

Wow, there are a lot of stairs. Perhaps having all those french fries was not the best idea.

Cascade Falls Side

Since it is the middle of February and Wisconsin, the days are still quite short. So we decide to hike the trail before spending too much time admiring the falls.

Snowy Bridge

The Bridges

I am pleasantly surprised by a couple of very cute footbridges. I enjoy hiking trails with bridges as you know if you have read McGilvray “7 bridges” hike or The Dells of the Eau Claire River.

If you look closely at the photo, you can see the bridge is only half shoveled. Not a big deal for us because we are prepared to be hiking in the snow.

Falls trail sign

With daylight waning, we decide to turn around at the overpass and revisit the falls before it becomes too dark.

Frozen Ice Cave

Upon arriving back at the waterfall, I see a small break in the icy falls that draws my attention.

The water is flowing below and behind the ice making an interesting cavernous section. However, it is not safe for further exploration so I will settle for a picture and back away.

cascade falls

I take a few more photos and decide it is time to be on our way. The time has come to hike back up the stairs. I am thrilled when we make it to the top. Now I don’t have to feel guilty about having ice cream before heading back to the hotel.

I am thankful that the River Inn Hotel had a map on the wall showing this waterfall and hiking location. If not for them displaying it we might have missed this delightful evening hike.

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