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Turning 40

We have only been to Ferry Bluff Wisconsin State Natural Area one other time. It was in January of this year. It was closed for the season due to bald eagles roosting.

I left pretty bummed out that day because I didn’t know about the seasonal closures. But I understand and definitely would not want to disturb any roosting eagles. We went home intending to return at the beginning of April when the trail opened back up.

Fast forward to the morning of Monday, April 8th. Usually, we would both be at work right now, but we have taken it off because today I turn 40.

I got up early today so that I could get some color laid on a couple of magna-boards before we head out. This way the paint will have time to dry while we were out hiking. But this is a post for next time.

hiking ferry bluff

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Hiking Ferry Bluff Natural Area

I am excited to arrive. Hiking a new place for the first time is almost like receiving a present. You have no idea what to expect. I have been anticipating this hike for a couple of months, so yeah I’m kind of anxious to get on the trail.

trail head
The trailhead begins by following Honey creek.

Today is the most delightful day of the year so far. The temperate is a beautiful 70˚, and we don’t have any mosquitos yet.

climbing to the top

Going Up

Upon arriving at the bottom of the bluff trail, I was a little taken aback. Not sure why it hadn’t dawned on me before now that a bluff hike was going to be a hike up a bluff.

Thank goodness Shawn, and I have been taking short 1-mile jaunts up a small bluff near our home. This little bit of added exercise is paying off right now.


We have reached the top a little out of breath, but I feel invigorated.

Where is this fascinating boardwalk leading us?

It’s kind of funny after I have taken a hike for the first time I feel almost sad that it’s over. I have discovered this place and seen what there was, and it is impressive. But now I know, and I will never have this first again. I get almost jealous of other people who haven’t had that experience yet and still get that first awe-inspiring moment.

ferry bluff natural area wisconsin river

View from the Top

Wow, the view doesn’t disappoint. Truly spectacular and it goes on for miles. We have only seen one other person on this trail so far.

Another head-scratching moment of how did I not know this place existed in Wisconsin?

up the trail

But Wait – There’s More

Finding a small trail leading off in another direction from the boardwalk, of course, we follow it. The path gets a little trickier to navigate with stepping on small boulders for a stairway, and a couple of down trees to go over and around because they are blocking the trail.

almost there

Just as I am starting to think perhaps, we should turn back and explore more when we are better prepared. We can see up ahead there is not much bluff left we must be nearing the end. I believe I can see the Wisconsin River again.

ferry bluff natural area wi river

Final Destination

We have hiked in a U shape to get to the higher bluff. On the right side of this photo, you can see the trail we hiked up to get to the first lookout.

I can’t believe I almost turned back. Wow, what a journey to get here.

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DNR – Ferry Bluff State Natural Area

When spending time outdoors always be respectful of nature, use common sense and please follow any posted rules.

Always give more than you take and leave no trace. 

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    • Thank you, Allan, for reading my blog and thinking of me for this award 🙂 I do appreciate the nomination and consideration however I have decided not to participate as not to confuse my readers and to be completely honest I already have so much on my plate. I enjoy reading your blog and hope you continue to enjoy mine as well.

  • I’m kind of excited to have found you Michelle. First, I’m a Wisconsin native but have lived elsewhere for quite a few years and recently returned to the northern part of the state. I love finding places in Wisconsin to hike. Second, my birthday is April 8th too! I always have planned some kind of hike or kayak expedition for birthday week – and would have this year too if I had not been sicker than sick. Anyway, it would be fun to do a hike with you sometime. Maybe next year for our birthdays?

    • Happy belated birthday 🙂 It’s a real bummer when you are sick even worse when you are down and out for your birthday. I think it could be fun getting together next year for our birthdays and hiking. I am always up for a little exploration.

  • Thanks for sharing Michele and Happy 40th. I can think of no better way to celebrate a birthday or anniversary than with a walk, hike or trip. Allan

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