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Hiking Gibraltar Rock IAT

Gibraltar Rock
Hiking Gibraltar Rock Segment of the Ice Age Trail:

Friday afternoon when I got off work my husband and I headed to Gibraltar Rock Segment of the IAT.  We had never hiked this section of the Ice Age Trail.  I had seen some beautiful photos of this area, so I was excited to get out and explore.

Hiking Gibraltar Rock was not a disappointment.

This segment of the IAT is about 1.4 -miles, and looping back to parking lot makes the hike approximately 2.6-miles.  A lot of the trail is a beautiful footpath through the woods.

After hiking through the woods for a bit, we came to these stairs cut from the rock.  We knew we must be getting close to the picturesque views.

Wow, what a view:

I’m not going to lie I was a little disheartened when we arrived and the day was overcast, and the tiny parking lot was packed.

I have a tough time between wanting a trail all to myself and feeling happy that other people are enjoying these resources.

Gibraltar Rock IAT

I want the solitude of nature, but I enjoy the occasional chat with of other hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.  I feel like outdoor people are happier than the rest of the population.  I can relate to and understand most of these people.

“Not Outdoorsy” people don’t “get it.”  They don’t understand why someone would pay to pretend to be homeless.  I prefer to call it camping, but some call it crazy.

I am a person who worries all the time about everything.  But when I hike/bike/camp/canoe etc. it stops.  I find calm that I can’t elsewhere.  The negative self-talk ceases, and I can relax.

I am happier when I am in the woods.

Hiking the Gibraltar Rock Segment of the Ice Age Trail is an absolute must

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When spending time outdoors always be respectful of nature, use common sense and please follow any posted rules.

Always give more than you take and leave no trace. 

Thank you for reading!  Have a great day!!

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