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Hiking Parfrey’s Glen

Hiking Parfrey's Glen
Hiking Parfrey’s Glen:

Hiking Parfrey’s Glen Wisconsin State Natural Area is must see and only a few miles away from Wisconsin Dells.

Over a million people a year visit Devils Lake State Park for a little R&R only to discover the masses have joined them.  

While this is one of my favorite places to hike, I will wait for fall to come before I go again.

Hiking Parfrey's GlenIn the meantime, if you are looking for something off the beaten path visiting Parfrey’s Glen waterfall is an excellent place to start.

The entire hike is less than two miles round trip.

Parfrey's Glen Wisconsin State Natural Area brookParfrey’s Glen – set in the woods.

The trail follows alongside a babbling brook.

Wisconsin State Natural Area Parfrey's Glen stone stairwayStarting on a paved path but the farther I go, the less it is maintained.

Parfrey's Glen Wisconsin State Natural Area exposed tree roots and cave

I begin to wonder if I should turn back, the path has disappeared.

The only way to advance is to begin hopping across rocks in the brook.

Parfrey's Glen Wisconsin State Natural Area tumbled boulder pass

I look up and realize if I want to keep going I will have to cross the boulders ahead.

Dig deep; I have already come this far — just a little bit more to see what is on the other side.

Parfrey's Glen Wisconsin State Natural Area waterfall and stone wallArriving at the final destination, I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure to get here.

The small waterfall and serene beauty make hiking Parfrey’s Glen a must do activity for summer.

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When spending time outdoors always be respectful of nature, use common sense and please follow any posted rules.

Always give more than you take and leave no trace. 

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