Hiking The Chapel Gorge Trail

Hiking the Chapel Gorge Trail at the Dells of the Wisconsin River State Natural Area was amazing.

The fall foliage was in full to late bloom.  The trees have shed many but not all of their leaves.  The ground was littered with wonderful shades of yellows, oranges, and browns.

It’s crazy the places that I didn’t know existed, in my own backyard.  I have always considered myself an “outdoor person”, but never realized the full extent of what Wisconsin had to offer.

The Chapel Gorge Trail is well maintained.  The trail winds through the woods with changing scenery throughout the hike.  There are some slight inclines and declines but nothing too challenging.

While hiking the Chapel Gorge Trail I was constantly scanning my surroundings because of the beauty.  The entire hike was about 3 1/2 miles for us, but we did some extra exploring along the way.

Just when I thought this hike couldn’t get any better……

We came to the stairs:

At the bottom of the stairs is a wonderful little beach, that we had all to ourselves, thanks to the overcast and drizzling weather.

Fall is such a great time of year for hiking.

This was my first time hiking the Chapel Gorge but it won’t be my last.

Since the inception of this blog, only 3 months ago, I have taken over 10 hikes.  It has given me a reason to get out and explore more and I am so happy that I have something to do with all the pictures I enjoy taking.

This blog has given me a creative outlet and a way to connect with other outdoor enthusiasts.


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DNR – Dells Of The Wisconsin River Natural Area

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When spending time outdoors always be respectful of nature, use common sense and please follow any posted rules.

Always give more than you take and leave no trace. 

Thank you for reading!  Have a great day!!

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  2. Great photos and looks like a wonderful spot. Sometimes the best places to hike and explore can be found in our own backyards or relatively close by. Where we live in Ontario, we hardly ever drive more than 45 minutes to an hour away to hike. There are lot of places further from us, but still plenty of great gems just a short trip from home.


    1. I have always enjoyed the outdoors but I am kind of embarrassed that I had no idea that so many of these hiking trails are within an hour drive. But that being said I love the fact that I have new places to explore 🙂 Thank you for reading and taking the time to respond!


      1. Your welcome. Much can be found so close to where we live. Even urban trails and such offer a great opportunity.


  3. This looks beautiful! We haven’t explored this area of the country much at all, but we’ll definitely have to put it on our list!


    1. So many people come to Wisconsin Dells just for the water parks, they are really missing out on some great hiking opportunities. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond.


  4. Another beautiful batch of photos! Thank you for sharing!


    1. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and check out my new hike 🙂


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