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Hiking WI’s IAT John Muir Segment

Lookout Lake Ennis

Hiking the IAT John Muir Segment

Today we are hiking the IAT John Muir Segment – a Segment of the Ice Age Trail at John Muir Memorial County Park in Montello. Everyone is excited to get out of the house for this first non-rainy day in just over week. We are going to explore a new trail.

It’s been a while since we hiked the Gibraltar Rock Segment of the IAT. So getting back out to hike another portion of the Ice Age Trail is going to be awesome.

Ice Age Trail John Muir Segment Information

Logbook IAT - john muir
  • Length: 1.8 mile
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Point of Interest: Ennis Lake, a Boardwalk and Bridges

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Ice Age Trail Sign

Who’s Hiking Today?

We quickly realized that not everyone could participate in this outing. At least one person had to stay behind because our dogs could not be left home alone on this particular day due to non-hiking reasons.

John Muir bridge

My first instinct is to call a friend to go exploring with today. I enjoy hiking alone, but I am apprehensive about exploring a new place for the first time solo, trying to choose family members to stay home and who gets to go stresses me out. So I try to avoid the dilemma.

John Muir IAT trail

This approach does not work today. I can’t find someone interested in hiking a new trail. So next option just Shawn and I will go. No children today, this makes me sad, but it’s the best of no good options.

Ennis Lake

The Trail

After finding the Park, which took a little bit of work because for some reason Apple maps stopped navigating and announces that we have arrived at our destination even though we are still 10 minutes away. Just one of the reasons I don’t like hiking a new location alone. Hiking the IAT John Muir Segment is no exception.

John Muir long bridge

The sun is out, and the trail is wonderfully secluded with a little of everything in this short but much-needed hike. With the signs of spring coming in and the whites of winter passing. We arrive at a boardwalk over a marshy area that has the best color pallet I have seen in a while.

Lookout Lake Ennis

The John Muir Segment of the Ice Age Trail does not disappoint. If you are within an hour drive of this John Muir Memorial County Park, I feel this trail is an absolute must hike.

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Ice Age Trail Alliance: Marquette County Chapter – John Muir Segment


When spending time outdoors always be respectful of nature, use common sense and please follow any posted rules.

Take nothing more than pictures and leave nothing but footprints. 

Thank you for reading!  Have a great day!!

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