The Ranger Point

Beginning The Ranger Point:

After hiking around Amnicon Falls, my friend and I went out for lunch.  She told me about chaperoning her 8-year-old daughter’s class trip to a wildlife refuge.  The Ranger explained to the children how to behave while out on the hike, which included The Ranger Point.

The next evening when I was looking through some of the photographs I had taken.  I came across a picture of the two of us, my friend is wearing the red bandana.

I laughed so hard.  What is she looking at?  The Ranger Look, for when you can’t Ranger Point.

The Ranger Point:

When I am out hiking and I see something that I am excited about, I want to share it with others around me.  I point with the intention of getting my fellow nature enthusiasts to see my discovery.

The more I consider what The Ranger Point means, the more I realize it’s much more.

The Ranger Point means to observe nature without disturbing.  To get excited about what is all around outdoors.  I am intrigued and fascinated by the history of the earth.  The power of nature to overcome and adapt.

I want to share my enthusiasm with others while setting a good example.

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When spending time outdoors always be respectful of nature, use common sense and please follow any posted rules.

Always give more than you take and leave no trace. 

Thank you for reading!  Have a great day!!

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