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Why I Started Blogging

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Why I Started Blogging:

While getting ready for work in the morning I often listen to an audiobook or Ted talk.  On this particular morning in mid-June, I listened to a Ted talk on how to become a happier person.  A woman had been trying to teach her son that giving can make a person happier than receiving.

I decided I was going to give it a try:

I was going to give something every day.  I started a blog about the things I was giving.  Having never done anything with a blog previously I was horribly underprepared.

Some of my “gives”:
Cleaned up garbage alongside the road
Donated $15 to a local animal shelter
Paid for the food of the driver behind me in the drive-thru 
My favorite “give” – I bought a backpack and filled it with school supplies for a Salvation Army School Supply Drive

It made me feel good and thus made me a happier person. But after about two months of giving, I was running out of ideas of what to give and I was spending a lot of money.

My husband and I got into an argument, I wanted to give away our 65” television.  It was only utilized occasionally when someone was in our basement working out.  That was when I began to realize that I could not maintain this level of giving.  I was going broke and running myself ragged trying to keep up.

Back to the blogging:

My giving blog was basically crap. I wasn’t into the writing and it showed. The pictures were taken with my cell phone and were of things like, garbage that I picked up alongside the road. It was a lot of work for something I didn’t enjoy and nobody wanted to read.

  • My family (husband and two teenage daughters) and I have always been an “outdoor family”.  When we go camping we put down the electronics and we hike and bike instead of staring at our phones.

We took a hike at Parfrey’s Glen in mid-July and I thought it might be fun to use the pictures I had taken that day and write a blog post about the hike.  It was my best post so far. The pictures were more intriguing than a bag of dog food and I actually enjoyed writing it.

Welcome Wisconsin’s Beauty: I couldn’t maintain my level of giving and not end up divorced for giving away all of our things. Also, I didn’t really enjoy blogging about my daily good deeds, it felt like I was bragging.

I am passionate about the outdoors:

Since beginning Wisconsin’s Beauty at the beginning of August I have taken approximately 16 different hikes, 1 camping trip, and 1 bike ride.

Madison Wisconsin Flooded By-Pass

Sorry for the bad photo, taken with iPhone through the car window

We had a lot of flooding happen in August or there would have been more bike trails.

I have gone to many new places like Roche-a-Cri and I have seen new things like Chapel Gorge. I went for a hike at McGilvray “7 Bridges” with my best friend.  My husband made camping reservations at Copper Falls as a surprise for me.  I spent more quality time with my daughters outside hiking Ableman’s Gorge, than the entire week leading up to it.

I am passionate about my blog:

I love taking pictures, now I have something to do with them. I have learned how to use my Nikon camera. I had this camera for 2 1/2 years and never took it off auto. I was too intimidated and too lazy to learn how to use it.

This blog deserved better, I could do better.  I have since taken an online class to learn how to use my camera. I am still learning and improving with every with every post but I never set it to auto anymore.

My writing has improved and I am beginning to find my place in the blogosphere.  I get excited when I hear from someone who really liked one of my hikes.  Or when I have inspired someone to go take a hike because they didn’t even know a trail existed.  I work hard to make my posts engaging for my readers.

If my blog is never anything more than what it is right now, I have already won.  I have done, seen, and learned so many things for the sake of my blog, that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

I am very thankful for my family, friends and all of my readers.

Happy Thanksgiving 8/22/18

Thank you for reading
-Michele & Family-

Dells of The Eau Claire River Park family picture


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